Allabhya Ghosh

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Derechos Humanos / Human Rights


This is my first independent film which is people’s film and it is about people and for people. "Lockdown" is an experimental mobile film. This film has been made with some Facebook friends from India and Bangladesh during quarantine.

1) What is love; it is eaten or coated?

2) Who did you benefit from being born? (What's so significant about a birthday?)

3) Is your religion human or animal? (Does religion provide you to eat or does it prove the eligibility of the usefulness of the biodata?)

4) What do you mean by politics? (Giving speech or ration to please the people or licking the position of king?)

5) Are you afraid of Corona virus or are you afraid of illiteracy and poverty? (What is the biggest virus indeed?)

6) If death really knocks your door, what would you do to make it wait?

7) What would you do if you were made the Prime Minister or President of this country or the God? (Would you be careless about what happens? Would you sing? Would you dance? Would you clap on the side in joy? Or travel abroad happily?)

8) What do think at the moment? Are people's lives expensive or the economy of the world?

9) Do you realize something new in life from being locked at home? (Is it freedom or subjugation?)

10) What do you mean by educated? (At what stage are you now; educated, uneducated or semi-educated)

We are trying to make a film at home using the time during quarantine to find the answers of some questions.